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Scam Alert!

The scam works like this... You're approached by a young man in a parking lot or on the street who notices you have damage on your vehicle and he offers to fix it at a discount price. Once the ok is given, he starts to work on your car (we use the term "work" loosely in this case). He applies a dry substance to cover the damage that he has subsequently caused and tells you not to remove it for 24 hours. He is gone, never to be seen again, with your hard earned money. In almost every case, he has caused more damage than was initially there. These are scam artists, better known as "gypsies". In these harsh economic times please be vigilant and do your homework before letting someone work on your car. 

paintless dent repair paintless ent removal paintless dent repair training 

Paintless Dent Repair 

Getting a free estimate is very easy! You can:

1) Text a few pictures of your damage to (424) 571-2661 and we will call you back ASAP with a quote.

2) Go the old fashion route! Pick up your phone and give us a call at (424) 571-2661. One of our techs will ask you a fewbrief questions  and will get you a close idea on the cost of your repair.

3) Send us an Email Bradhart@gmail.com

‚ÄčPaintless dent repair paintless dent removal paintless dent repair training

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